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Young Talents Award

Italian preselection of The World Summit Youth Award - promoting what young people do with young media

The section "Young Talents" is strongly linked to the WSA international competition for youth-led projects: the World Summit Youth Award. The "Young Talents" national pre-selection process nominates the three best Italian eContent products to the “World Summit Youth Award" (2007).

General Rules

  1. The Italian eContent Award is open to all young people over 16 and under 27 or groups of young people. The presented e-product must be produced mainly in Italiy and must reflect Italian's local morals and traditions without any advocacy for racism, nudity, or any indecent content.

Rules 2-13 are the same General Rules of eContentsAward with reference to WSYA instead of WSA.

Categories, contents, products

The Young Talents Award is a competition for youth-led projects that encourage the active participation of young people in the emerging Information Society.
The World Summit Youth Award celebrates the following 3 categories:

  • Best e-Content on DEVELOPMENT: This Youth Award will be given to the most informative and “youth friendly” online platform arousing discussion on the poverty reduction, environmental sustainability, social justice, health care or peace issues.
  • Best e-Content on CREATIVITY & CULTURE: This Youth Award will be given to the most innovative online platform showcasing youth’s potential to create creative contents, preserve indigenous knowledge or present traditional culture. This category covers also creative platforms promoting multilingualism and creating new (contemporary) forms of culture.
  • Best e-Content on FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND ENGAGEMENT: This Youth Award will be given to the most influential and engaging online platform facilitating young people’s political participation (bringing voices from the ground) on a global or local stage (eg.: human rights battle). This platform should be a community building channel and a news/ideas spreading tool empowering youth groups.

More info about World Summit Youth Award: www.youthaward.org