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Categorie di eContentAward

e-Business   Support and optimization of business processes; creation of new business models in e-commerce and m-commerce, business to business, business to consumers, internet security and other areas; supporting SME’s on the marketplace.
e-Culture   Preserving and presenting cultural heritage in line with the challenges of the future; demonstrating valuable cultural assets clearly and informatively using state-of-the-art technology.
e-Entertainment   Supplying digitized entertainment products and services; entertaining the user in this world's variety of languages and its cultural diversity; supporting movement from one-way to two-way, from single to multiple players, interactive entertainment and the synergy between analogue and digital platforms.
e-Government   Empowering citizens and serving public services clients; fostering quality and efficiency of information exchange and communication services in governmental and public administrative processes; strengthening participation of citizens in information society decision making.
e-Health   Developing the consumer-centered model of health care where stakeholders collaborate, utilizing ICT, including internet technologies to manage health issues as well as the health care system.
e-Inclusion   All measures supporting IT integration of least developed countries into the Information Society. Reducing the "digital divide" and “content gap” between technology-empowered and technology-excluded communities and groups - such as rural areas and women. Bridging society through multimedia.
e-Learning   Serving the needs of learners to acquire knowledge and skills for a complex and globalizing world; transforming schools, universities and other educational institutions through interactive, personalized and distributed learning resources; creating active e-learning communities and target models and solutions for corporate training, supporting first steps in multimedia.
e-Science   Fostering global collaboration in key areas of science, and the next generation of infrastructure that will enable it; providing measures to promote and demonstrate scientific processes and make them accessible to citizens; scientific projects articulated through new media.
YT e-content on creativity &culture   This Youth Award will be given to the most innovative online platform showcasing youth ’s potential to create creative contents with the use of new media or cultural retrospective.Topics include:inidigenous knowledge,art,new media).
YT e-content on development   This Youth Award will be given to the most informative and “youth friendly ” online platform focusing on the major topic of the UN Millennium Development Goals (poverty reduction,environmental sustainability,social justice,health care or peace issues).
YT e-content on freedom of expression and engagement   This Youth Award will be given to the most influencial and engaging online platform facilitating young people ’s involvement in the following topics:political participation,e-Government,youth voter mobilization,human rights,youth community)