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How to apply

CASE 1: you would like to suggest a product

If you are NOT the product author/owner or you haven't the rights to officially apply to eContent Award, you can SUGGEST a product and contact the author/owner, who can APPLY.


CASE 2: you are the author/owner and you would like to apply

If you are the product author/owner or you haven the rights to officially apply to eContent Award, you can APPLY. How to do it?

You must complete all 3 phases. Incomplete applications will NOT be taken into account.

First of all you have to download the APPLICATION KIT for this phase.

PHASE 1: Authorship/Ownership check

You have to REGISTER, then go to APPLY page and declare you're have the rights to officially apply

PHASE 2: Product registration

You have to fill in the product registration form.

Required fields:

  • Product title
  • Category (i.e. e-Business, e-Culture, e-Entertainment, ...)
  • Product kind (i.e. Broadband/Online/WEB, Content Tools & Interface Design, ...)
  • Product presentation
  • Url (required for ON LINE products only)
  • Product objectives
  • Declaration of IPR ownership
  • Authorization to eContentAward to process your data

Other fields (suggested):

  • Target users
  • Sustainability/market model
  • Note
  • Last review
  • Is the Author a student? (YES/NO)
  • Is your product "no profit"? (YES/NO)

PHASE 3: Upload and delivery


  • Complete the "detailed_presentation.RTF" file (you will find in the APPLICATION KIT)
  • Save the file and RENAME it as "your-product-title.rtf" [i.e. google.rtf]
  • ZIP the file as "your-product-title.zip" [i.e. google.zip]
  • UPLOAD "your-product-title.zip"

Delivery by mail/courrier:

You must send us:

  • Declaration on IPR ownership and authorization to use (the APPLICATION KIT, file Authorisation.rtf)
  • If applicable: a declaration that the product Author is a Young Talent (template in the APPLICATION KIT)
  • If applicable: 3 copies of your product [please see note here below and general rules]

Note about products summission by mail/courrier

If your product is a web application you haven't to send it. You must provide the appropriate electronic access for evaluation purpose.
If your product is NOT a web application, you must send us 3 copies of the product (CD or DVD or..., working autonomously or emulated on an offline computer).

Our address:
eContentAward Italy
c/o Politecnico di Milano - MEDICI Framework
Piazza Leonardo da Vinci 32
20133 Milano - Italy

The eContentAward organization will not pay any courier/delivery or other expenses

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