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Starting from the WSA statement "A truly Global Information Society is one where all persons, without distinction, are empowered freely to create, receive, share and utilize information and knowledge for their economic, social, cultural and political development." the eContent Award Italy is a concrete action in order to contribute to the creation of a Global Information Society.
There is a need to canalise the creative energies of young people promoting digital literacy in the field of creativity and expression enabled or empowered by new information communication technologies. There is a need as well to create a proactive environment in order to enhance the overall quality of eContent products. Digital and Social divide have to be bridged providing access and added value to citizens. Digital technologies and ICT tools are an incredible opportunity of growth and prosperity. Digital content and services empowered by broadband communications, both wired and wireless, could have a potential significant impact on society.

The contest represents a showcasing and networking platform for e-content products and a unique chance for producers to receive recognition outside their existing markets and customer communities. It is a unique opportunity for young talents to showcase their products and share ideas and techniques with professionals and international experts. Young talents will have a chance to approach international contests starting from the pre-selection process.
The final goal of the action is to transfer to the World Summit Award the eight official Italian candidates.