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eContent Award - Italy

Italian preselection for WSA - Tunis 2005

Italian eContent Award 2004 / 2005 is organised by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and MEDICI Framework and inspired by the WSA - WORLD SUMMIT AWARD in order to select quality e-content and promote creativity and innovation in new media applications in Italy. This multi-aim award, encourages creativity, drives young talents toward international contests, nominates the eight best Italian eContent products (one for each category: eCulture, eScience, eGovernment, eEntertainment, eHealth, eInclusion, eLearning, eBusiness) to the World Summit Award on the occasion of its second edition - Tunis 2005.

WSA Approvation

The Italian eContent Award is unique in Italy thanks to its specific categories, which cover all aspects and sectors of the emerging Knowledge Society and emphasise, during the competition itself and the evaluation process, the added value of multimedia and electronic contents for specific user groups and purposes. Content and creativity are the key aspects, without which we face a digital world completely empty and dull.

The Italian eContent Award stands out as a contest with benefits for every entry. It is a showcasing and networking platform for e-content products and a unique chance for producers to receive recognition outside their existing markets and customer communities. It is a unique opportunity for young talents to showcase their products and share ideas and techniques with professionals and international experts.

The eContent Award Italy, as it happens for the WSA , will generate two important assets even at national level:

  • The right to use/showcase for both Italian and international most outstanding examples of quality e-Content
  • A significant network of experts and key players both in Italy and worldwide.

To leverage these exceptional assets, the eContent Award Italy plans to develop synergies creating an Italian Best Contents Road Show (especially young talents) and, through this, raising the awareness of the importance of the quality eContent in the development of the Knowledge Society.

Organisers are Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and European Commission MEDICI Framework. Secretariat is managed by MEDICI Framework.