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World Summit Award

The WORLD SUMMIT AWARD 2003/05 is unique through its specific categories, which cover all aspects and sectors of the emerging Information Society and put the added value of multimedia and electronic contents for specific user groups and purposes at the centre of competition and evaluation. It is also unique due to sustained outreach activities in all United Nations member states and its promotion by leading multimedia and internet organisations and institutions. The WORLD SUMMIT AWARD Project is governed by rules approved by the Board of Directors, the independent judgements of the European Academy of Digital Media and on the basis of 5 years of experience with the EUROPRIX contest. It is carried out by the WORLD SUMMIT AWARD office at ICNM, Austria.

The WORLD SUMMIT AWARD stands out as a contest with benefits for every entry. It is a showcasing and networking platform for e-content products and a unique chance for producers to receive recognition outside their existing markets and customer communities.

WSA 2005 - Experience the richness and diversity of e-Content and creativity!
The World Summit Award (WSA) is a global initiative to select and promote the World’s best e-Contents. It is held in cooperation with the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) 2003-2005 and receives support from numerous national and international non-profit organisations, as well as a substantial contribution from the private industry. In 2003, 136 countries have participated in the WSA and 40 finalists were selected out of 803 submissions through a world wide expert network.

    The WSA has thereby generated two important assets:
  • The right to use/showcase world's most outstanding examples of quality e-Content
  • A global and highly active supporters network

To leverage these exceptional assets, the WSA plans to conduct a worldwide Best Contents Road Show, organised in all main world regions on invitation and in cooperation with the local key partners. The goal of the WSA Road Show is to showcase the world’s best e-Content examples and, through this, to raise the awareness of the importance of the quality e-Content in the development of the Information Society.

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